Lake Luzerne Watercolor

4 thoughts on “Lake Luzerne Watercolor

  1. This is a very soothing painting. As I admire it, the intricacies of the lines and the manner of their interaction intrigues me. The flowing subtleness of the tress give me a sense of peace and harmony.

  2. god bless how are you how are you doing.iknow you have been busy just thought iwould e-mail you and say hello.and tell you that one my paintings was sold for 128.00 through arts-unbound in orange nj for the daniel jordan fiddel foundition and the person that bought the painting is the founder of the foundation daniel’s mother.

  3. HI, James great news about the selling of your work the new director Andrew is someone that I know. If you see him tell him you know me.

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