Jack Johnson The American Counterpuncher

Jack Johnson The American Counterpuncher

ART PROF April 13, 2009

This watercolor called “The American Counterpuncher” is ,in my opinion, an image of strength. I attempted to  illustrate that after Jack Johnson took a punch he had the quick ability to counterpunch his opponent and to evaluate how to win over his foe.

Yet, you are probably saying, “But Ray, this picture does not show Jack punching or moving around in the ring?” My answer to this is to read about his life. His entire life was a fight in and out of the ring.

He used some of the same type of strategies that can help us to counter insults, counter economic loses, counter injustices, counter age discrimination. We need the ability to quickly evaluate the situation and get back in there and win. So don’t quit, rethink, retool, and rebuild. Win!

What strategies are you using to win today?