Artist, Ray Horner Jr.

Up Close Look at 5 Watercolors From the Kean University Faculty Show 2019

My Mother by Raymond Horner Jr.

This is a picture of my mom.It includes elements of things she was interested in doing. She loved reading, knitting, sewing and observing nature. She had a keen sense of design andĀ  use of space. There are, of course, many things missing because her interest were so wide. Here she is reflecting. I tried to show that variety in my use of colors.

“Say What?” is an attempt to capture an every day moment in a portrait of a person using their cell phone. It is a commentary on modern communication modalities and research.

Mother Graves  by Raymond Horner Jr.

As of 2019 Mother Graves is 96 years old


“Mother Graves” is my rendering of my96 year old neighbor. I used strong character lines to reflect her personal strong character, steadfast faith and determination.

Rosie by Raymond Horner Jr.

“Rosie” is a capture of my wife in a reflective moment.

“I’m Me” is a statement of colorful presence. It oozes with personality.

There is more I can say about the art techniques useĀ  and I need you to subscribe to Professor Horners Art Class so you will get an alert for that post in your email. For now I would love to know your impressions. Please comment. Also, when you have an opportunity read the excellent coverage given to the show by the Sandpaper Newspaper written. by Pat Johnson

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