Artist, Ray Horner Jr.

Figurative Work

Up Close Look at 5 Watercolors From the Kean University Faculty Show 2019

This is a picture of my mom.It includes elements of things she was interested in doing. She loved reading, knitting, sewing an

Art Exhibit in Loveladies New Jersey Blooms with Breathtaking Floral Interpretations

It was a privilege to be part of  the Kean University Faculty show at the Long Beach Island Foundation of  the Arts and Scie

Oil Painting “Downtown” 191 Church St, New York, NY 10007

This cityscape painting will be part of my city life paintings. This painting was exhibited at Kean University, in Union New J

Shared Times, Shared Places

Watercolor painting of a coupe sharing a moment in time with each other.

Rosie of Rosies Boomer Review

This is a painting I made of Rosie before she became famous. Here she is in a reflective mood. I don’t know what she was

Portrait Of My Mother

Watercolor is about 22″ x 30″ I thought of a abstract totem form including the coffee table up to the image of my

The Family

This painting was part of and article in American Visions Magazine published in 1987 the subject was: Building The Future For

Discerning The Rap

This watercolor about 20″ x 24″ inches. The idea was to illustrate a young woman listening to her boy friend and w

Jack Johnson The American Counterpuncher

This watercolor called “The American Counterpuncher” is ,in my opinion, an image of strength. I attempted to  

Not Michael Jackson

This is a small watercolor titled “Michael” about 11″ x 14″ This was a quick painting, painted in one