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Meet the Artist

I’m in my favorite work space, where I do my teaching at Kean University in Union, NJ. I am presently working as an Adjunct Professor in the Fine Arts Department. I teach intro to painting, 3D design for art majors, and intro to art for non-art majors.
This artist site will be an exciting adventure for any one who wants practical how to information and ideas to enhance their craft.
I have many years of experience and training in art and related disciplines. For example, my training in woodworking, photography and printmaking will merge as I share valuable information with you.
So be ready to be enlightened, empowered and equipped!
To your success,
Ray Horner, Jr.

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Tell Me What You Think The Image Means

Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts about an artist's work? If the answer is yes then get your creative and philosophical juices flowing. I want you to share your interpretation of my work with me. Of course, I will also give you insights on what I was thinking.But I do want to know what you THINK OR FEEL I was thinking when I created the artwork.

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